Blanco Silgranite

Ultra-durable and colorful SILGRANIT features rock-hard granite durability, seven patents, and the perfect palette of eight fashionable colors and 30 shapes to complement any decor. With a new and improved smoother surface, SILGRANIT is the most cleanable sink available on the market today and resists scratches, stains, chips, and heat up to 536 degrees. It is also resistant to acids & alkalis, easy to maintain, colored all the way through, and guaranteed with our limited lifetime warranty.

Blanco Stainless Steel

BLANCO stainless steel sinks are constructed to the highest manufacturing standard in the world, and we use only premium-grade steel made to our own demanding specifications. Our stainless steel sinks feature a Satin Polished Finish which is the result of an extensive polishing process that creates an extremely consistent and luxurious appearance. This signature finish features the smoothest, most hygienic, and easiest-to-clean stainless steel surface available today.