Elegance that lasts a lifetime. Stain-, heat-, and scratch-resistant, quartz is a natural surface that's perfectly suited for kitchens and bathrooms.
Take your inspiration from nature itself. Granite will stand up to any conditions, both indoors and out, with unparalleled wild beauty.
Make an impression with a seamless composite that creates the appearance of a single, unbroken piece of stone. Solid surface from Custom Marble is a combination of stone, pigment, and space-age resins, with unmatched durability and a thoroughly natural appearance.
Every piece of our cultured marble is completely one-of-a-kind -- that's why we made it our namesake. Crafted in Millstadt, Illinois, this specialty stone is available in an infinite array of colors, shapes, and sizes to personalize any home or office.
Ultra compact material from Custom Marble is the natural cousin of glass and porcelain. Made from the same raw materials, but hardened by extreme heat and pressure, ultra compact surfaces offer a delicate appearance that conceals near-indestructability.