Vanity Tops

All of Custom Marble’s materials can be molded to form the perfect vanity top to suit your needs and desires. Whether you’re looking for cultured marble, granite, or another high-quality surface, we’ve got you covered.

Bathroom Sinks

Your bathroom sink is the centerpiece of a beautiful vanity top. Choose from cultured granite, cultured marble, or even a custom china bowl to complete your bathroom’s surface.

Shower Base & Shower Walls

When you wipe the water away from your eyes at the end of a relaxing shower, you want a surface that looks as clean as you feel. With Custom Marble, you can create a smooth, custom stone wall or choose a unique grout-free tile pattern.


Find the shape, size, and style of a tub to bring your bathroom together. We can customize a bathtub for any room, with multiple color options—and yes, we can add jets and heaters to all of our custom designs.


From soap and shampoo holders to trim pieces our cultured marble accessories will complete your project.